Longform Editions acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land upon which we operate.

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Melanie Velarde is an electro-acoustic composer and improviser, who creates soundtracks to imaginary plots and places. Her practice includes composition, site specific performance and video/film work. She has performed across genres and continents, from ambient to noise, and developed an extensive collection of field recordings covering deserts, seas, mountains, jungles, caves, tunnels and volcanos in the Americas, Europe, China and Australia. Melanie Velarde keeps a sonic diary/blog called Temporary Archives, archiving cinematic, and mostly unreleased scribbles and fleeting emotive moments for the last decade. She has released two solo albums, Parcel and Bez on RVNG Intl./Commend.  

Artist Notes

I am interested in the unexplored, the broken and residual, and its emotive processes as a mysterious source of aesthetics and narrative. Fascinated by landscapes, time and the inexplicable in human conditions, I connect to its fragility, their mythologies and poetic resonance as sensory experiences. Through multi instrumental improvisation, aleatoric and chance encounters, I look for cracks between poetry and fiction, memory and history, imagination and lost dreams. Music in composition is an intuitive process for me, it comes from the heart, deliberately unprepared and in flow. Not particularly interested in an overly complex technical or logical approach, I try to embrace what a given moment has to offer on tools and space and welcome imperfections. My tale for Longform Editions was composed mainly on the road, on a journey teetering between trepidation and hope with fellow humans bringing an intensity of built up emotions to which I listened deeply.