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Longform Editions
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Theodore Cale Schafer is a Detroit based musician. His work primarily consists of laptop manipulation of field recordings, digitally sourced audio, and instrumentation.

Artist Notes
I usually try not to talk too much about my own music. I feel like it has a face value and everything else drawn from it is reflection. It has personal meanings, but in a way that is abstracted and singular. I don’t want to talk about it like it’s important.

The track is a handful of ideas I may or may not have developed over the past year. Spent a lot of time in Louisiana just looking around at the nature I was in. Drove from there to Kansas City, saw some friends. Then I was home and got to hang out with my parents. It happened in between all of that and trying to be social enough to feel okay about life during Covid. I have been thinking a lot about what I expect from music, for better or for worse.

I have never really considered doing any deep listening. I know I have done a version of it many times, mostly while driving on the freeway.