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Wadada Leo Smith defines his music as ‘Creative Music’, and his diverse discography reveals a recorded history of music centred in the idea of spiritual harmony and the unification of social and cultural issues of his world.

He has created Ankhrasmation, a symbolic image-based language for performers or musicians. He started his research and designs in search of Ankhrasmation in 1965, and his first realization of this language was in 1967, when it was illustrated in the recording of The Bell (Anthony Braxton: ‘Three Compositions of New Jazz’). Ankhrasmation has played a significant role in Wadada’s development as an artist, ensemble leader and educator.

Artist notes:

Jalaluddin Rumi (1207–1273) a mystic, poet and founder of a Sufi order, his Masnavi was written in Persian, I know this work through translation. It is a collection of stories, strategies and principles that are to inspire and motivate one’s through Islamic practice to pursue a spiritual journey towards becoming a better human being. The text contains the Islamic religious and mystical teachings and it is an excellent introduction for the journey toward spiritual awakening.

The principles in the Masnavi are meant to be studied and practice in determine their meaning.  I have been studying it over the years and still connecting with its beauty.

My sonic adventure is intended as a reflective and meditative experience that realized through music performance.  And, to provide a creative space for others to explore their own inquiry into themselves. 
– Wadada Leo Smith

Recorded March 6 and 21, 2024 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT, USA
Engineer Greg DiCrosta (reording, mixing and mastering)
Music composed and performed by Wadada Leo Smith
Published copyrighted by Kiom Music ASCAP