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More Eaze is the project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Mari Maurice. Her work touches upon myriad genres and often explores themes of gender, intimacy, identity, perception, and the mundane. Resident Advisor categorises Maurice’s work as “accomplished ambient pop” and The Quietus has said that her work “unearths a raw poignancy in what can often be a coldly academic field”. Her music has been widely released on a number of international labels including Orange Milk, Mondoj Astral Spirits, Phinery, and Lillerne Tapes among others. As a performer, Maurice regularly collaborates with artists such as claire rousay, Nick Zanca, Amulets, Seth Graham, Dntel, Christina Carter, and more. She also has contributed mixes for a number of radio stations and podcasts including NTS, Dublab, Noods, KXLU, and HOC.

Artist notes:

I often think about how to say the same thing a different way. How do I communicate that I love someone or something beyond just saying those words? How does that message transcend language and speech? I’ve also been thinking a lot about how those words change and morph over time and in different contexts. I say “I love you” to my dogs. I say “I love you” to my partner of a year. I say “I love you” to my best friend. And i still say “I love you” to a former partner I was with for more than a decade. It’s the same words and the weight feels real and palpable but the way time and interlocking personal histories have transfigured that sentiment make it mean something different in each context. For me, that’s what Eternity is about. There is a motif and a theme that is constant but how it is contextualised and framed is changing constantly. 

I am constantly looking for immersive listening experiences that start in one place and end somewhere else totally new whether that be through a subtle shift or something more jarring. Deep listening allows us to experience sounds on a level that we wouldn’t fully perceive otherwise and can turn even the smallest of gestures into an emotional experience.