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Longform Editions
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Natalie Rose LeBrecht has been creating solo music of an interior nature since early childhood. Although she is primarily a self-taught musician, she studied Intermedia Art with Hans Breder at the University of Iowa and spent a couple of years working for and studying under the legendary composer, LaMonte Young. She lives and creates in New York City.

Artist notes:

I had been composing a new album that was very ambitious in its scope and complexity, when I found myself stifled by perfectionism. I noticed it was this agenda which was causing me to feel stuck, like in a finger trap. So I chose to put a hold on this composition and go back to basics, letting go of any grand designs. Instead I recorded this piano improvisation in one take, which flowed out effortlessly and with joy. When I listened back I was able to appreciate the natural quality of subtle winds flowing through my nervous system and expressing themselves through the keys. 

I love that through musical composition one can translate and shape an auditory vision through careful thought and attention to craft, yet I also deeply value musical improvisation because it springs forth organically, unfiltered. It can be expression in its purest form, as there is a magic in letting go of the self and becoming one with the moment: an instrument playing an instrument. Accepting what manifests can be the hardest part, and I’m pleased to say I accept Star Water Shapeshift. To me it has the resonance of wind hitting chimes, evoking a fluid fingerprint or shapeshifting snowflake, holding a unique quality in its flow that is both beyond me and yet retains the imprints of my style. 

Deep listening is the foundation of respect, and respect is the key to unlocking the true harmonic magic of the universe.