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r beny is an ambient electronics project from Northern California-based musician Austin Cairns. It is an outlet for the processing of the volatile conditions of emotion and nature, primarily expressed through the use of synthesisers, samplers, and other electronic instruments.

Artist notes
This piece of music is a map. Tones, textures, and echoes representative of a geography and a time. (0:00) A river of reflection begins to emit a sparkling glow. I think of you in passing sometimes, sometimes often. A singer hums in duet with the light of the river. (5:16) The singer hums alone. (5:50) Alone in the pavilion. The corridors of memory are filled with static, its resolution degrading softly in time. (9:02) The buildings are long gone. A forest knoll, roots and soil woven. I’m sorry things didn’t end up the way we thought it would. (13:36) Every wave erodes the land (16:40) until there is nothing left, but seafoam and dust. (17:00) The singer hums along with the organ, somewhere in a meadow jutting out over the sea.

I consider deep listening as listening with entities other than your ears. With your mind, your body, and your soul. Resonating with recorded material on a deeper frequency.

Written and recorded from December 2019 to December 2020, at home in Northern California.
Composed with Novation Summit, Tasty Chips GR-1, Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoanuts, Oto Bam, Marantz PMD-420 tape recorder.